Have A Look At These Treatment Images
The photos below will help show you what our dentist can do for you too. Whether you want cosmetic enhancements to improve your appearance, or you require teeth restoration to rehabilitate your smile, our dental practice and staff are prepared and qualified to assist you.
Teeth Whitening, before & after photo
Teeth Whitening
This is a before and after example of using our teeth whitening gel here in the office to whiten a patient's yellowed and stained teeth.

You can obtain similar results very quickly too. Our professional teeth whitening system offers dramatic improvement in a single day.

Porcelain Veneers, before & after photo
Porcelain Veneers
This photo shows how an overbite -- where upper front teeth overlap the bottom teeth, can be easily corrected with porcelain veneers.

You can see how the image also reveals that the patient's lower teeth were straightened as well, using the "dental magic" of veneers.

Dental Implants, before & after photo
Dental Implants
The picture at left shows the patient has several front teeth missing and other teeth damaged by decay and old mercury fillings.

The next photo depicts how dental implants were used to replace the missing teeth and restore ability to eat and speak normally.

Partial Dentures, before & after photo
Partial Dentures
This treatment example pictures a patient who had lost several teeth and it was causing a gap to widen between their front two teeth.

The remedy in this case was a combination of partial, removable dentures to replace missing teeth and veneers to close the open space.

White Fillings, before & after photo
White Fillings
This image reveals the common problem of unsightly, dark-colored fillings associated with mercury amalgam in the teeth for years.

Like this patient did, many people prefer our natural-looking, dental fillings to replace, or fill their teeth with a white, composite material.

Dental Bridges, before & after photo
Dental Bridges
You can see in this image how the patient was missing two teeth in the upper part of their mouth. One tooth also shows some decay.

The dentist closed the gap with a fixed bridge cemented to the adjoining teeth and then treated the cavity with a porcelain crown.

Invisalign, before & after photo
The photo at left illustrates the need for corrective teeth straightening to give the patient an even bite and proportionate smile.

The procedure recommended was to wear Invisalign® aligners for a few months to gradually guide the teeth into proper position.

Porcelain Crowns, before & after photo
Porcelain Crowns
This photo shows the patient's rear molar damaged by decay to the extent that it needed a root canal to prevent extraction.

Once the endangered tooth was saved, it was then sealed and prepared to receive the porcelain crown affixed with a dental cement.

Composite Bonding, before & after photo
Composite Bonding
Often determined as undesirable by patients, this photograph shows the noticeable gap visible between the person's front teeth.

The suggested treatment involved a process known as composite bonding which works by sculpting dental material to the desired shape.

Snap-On Smiles®
From the makers of Lumineers®, a Snap-on Smile is a temporary or transitional removable prosthesis that provides a very esthetic effect. It's great for patients who are missing teeth and want a quick solution. Many patients are absolutely blown away by the easy procedure and eye popping results. Here's one of our patients - her Snap-on Smile is simply gorgeous!
Snap on Smiles, before treatment photo Snap on Smile, after treatment photo
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